Everything begins with a small gesture.

Dear All,

Thank you very much for visiting this website. It is still puzzling to me that we can connect so easily from every place in the world.

Every time somebody asks my wife (Ulla), what is it that I do, she turns to me gently, smiles, and asks me to explain it to people. It is not easy. The fact is that things are a bit complicated. To begin with, I currently live between Mexico and Switzerland.

If you are looking for a more traditional CV, you can find it here.

But all confusion aside, first of all, I am a composer.

Music gave me the tools to makes sense of my place in the world.

I am lucky enough to be a member of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico. But this is where it gets complicate. I am running several startups that I co-founded in the fields of civic technology, software development, social and public entrepreneurship, preservation of memories and identity in families and innovation architecture. Although my education background relate mostly to music and contemporary art holding a Bachelors in Music Composition (Guanajuato University), a Masters in Digital Art (Pompeu Fabra University), a Ph.D. in Music Composition (Harvard University), I am writing these lines from my office as an Associate Professor at the School of Government of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, where I am the Director of the Laboratory for Entrepreneurship and Transformation (LET).

I do not fit into traditional models of work. And I feel fine.

Now you understand Ulla. It is still difficult to explain that a person is interested -and active- in several fields of work. Nonetheless, I know that I am not alone (at all). There is a new emerging and growing hybrid-citizen, one that is not defined by the profession or any other stereo type, but rather by his or her own curiosity, talents and complexities.

The core of my work include but is not limited to:
Music composition and sound art
Entrepreneurship (social, public and technological)
Innovation architecture
Transdisciplinary collaboration
The Future of Education
Community Building
Applied creativity
Idea Spreading
Being a son, a brother, a husband, a friend.
And of course: FREEDOM

Therefore, I want to collaborate and encourage people that share these values, skills and attitudes to build a creative community.

It is all about provoking talented Hac(k)reative individuals to work together in order to bring to life projects that should exist and matter to people.

I believe there is enormous potential to open spaces for these hybrid-citizens and what they can bring to tackle social and interesting challenges. Yet many institutions are still hesitant to act to open them. And that is why I enjoy working with many different sectors to precisely open these spaces. We need to establish purposeful bridges between academic institutions, government agencies, private companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, artists, and any person who is willing to invest time, talent and the hope that together we can improve our immediate context and build a fruitful, exciting purposeful collective journey.

Ever growing Manifesto

  1. I cannot conceive life without my desk, my paper, my silences and my thought, but only with the perspective that others will join or enjoy whatever it is on the making.
  2. Although I listen carefully, I am independent of the good opinions of others.
  3. In my work I search to create emotional pauses, infrastructure for creativity and innovation along with memorable focused experiences.
  4. I believe that every person should have the access to opportunities and possibilities as a fundamental human right.
  5. I defend my time being to achieve a creative, exciting and peaceful life.
  6. I always try that my work is a combination of precise instructions and free interpretation that can work without me. I create systems, not methodologies.
  7. I search not for the conventional, but rather the escaping nature of human emotion, the gestural translations of temporal experiences and specificity of connection to others.
  8. Many of my latest endeavours are highly collaborative, open source and require creatives and transdisciplinary teams to bring them to life. I love this. Diversity brings unexpected joy.
  9. In my work I search to illustrate, convey and/or suggest the necessary guidance to co-create the desire experience with the users. The limits between the creators and the users blur in collectiveness.
  10. I undoubtedly embrace collaboration. I its no easy to achieve it, but if we do, the rewards are beyond any expectation.
  11. I believe that geographical diversity, intersection of interests and phenomena coming from other fields of knowledge will create more engaging life experiences.
  12. Being a composer has given me a very specific set of tools to invest in distant ventures such as transdisciplinary projects, social activism and entrepreneurial innovation. I think music is very powerful and it will continue to have a role in the betterment of society.
  13. I do not limit myself to the solely act of music writing. I see every project as a “piece”, regardless of its nature. For me, designing and innovation lab is as beautiful as making a piece of music, it is just a different outcome.
  14. Through curiosity, discovery and applied creativity I make myself more useful and connected to others by building communities, projects and services that should exist to improve people’s lives.
  15. My creative processes and values in my music are simply translated to my other endeavours outside of music.
  16. Openness, respect and tolerance are three of my core values, therefore I reject nothing.
  17. I am vulnerable, hopeful and thankful.